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Try It Tuesday 2190219

***SHIVER AND SHAKING😟*** I just posted my first chapter of Haven on this site.

If any of you have time to read it, and comment (kindly, please) please do so. Ask what questions it leads your mind to. If you see glaring problems let me know. This was originally written in 2002 as a “NaNo” I started between Ides of April and Ides of May. And finished it in November 2002 and started Haven II to reach 50K for that month. (No the part I wrote in spring didn’t count in the wordage.)

This is the beginning of a series that was nearly telepathically told to me by the sentient planet, Herself, Haven. I haven’t heard much from her lately so my last few NaNos haven’t included Her. But I think She is tapping her virtual toes to get me working on them to share what She wants to be known.

If you want more the whole first book is on Wattpad.

Make It Monday 20190218

I have been very busy trying to finish a pair of socks. But LOOK! One is done and fits!!!!!

I tried it on my foot and it was a little bigger. My brother came in and tried it on and said it was perfect. YAY!

Now I’m working nearly non-stop on sock #2. By the way, the pattern is on the DVD that came with the sock loom (kB).

I have about an inch of ribbing done need another two inches. Now that I understand the heel and toe the ribbing is the hardest part Mostly because the loom is a little harder to handle than the round ones. I may try the CinDWood loom for the next pair. Meanwhile, my brother’s birthday is Friday. Wish me luck! Please!!!

What are you making?

The Royal Cleaner: Books 1-3The Royal Cleaner: Books 1-3 by L.C. Mawson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Well, this was fun. And different. It is because of the differences that I give it 5 instead of 4 stars.

This was an ARC that I begged to get to review. It didn’t let me down. I don’t know the author so I have nothing forcing the high rating. I liked it. A lot. In fact, I want to read it again. When you read using mostly text-to-speech it is easy to get lost. Luckily, the book was so well written that I wasn’t lost for long. Still, it wasn’t repetitive. Never boring.

There is a lot of magic. Some I wish I knew, including a dream visit situation I don’t want to ruin with spoilers. As if witch and demon relationship isn’t hard enough they are lesbian. Oh, wait, reverse that.

The romance isn’t overdone or overly codependent. What a relief! And though the main characters were fantasy beings their problems seemed human and real.

I loved Coraline but Mina and her daughter grabbed my heart.

Oh, for those that see the title and think it is about house-cleaning. Think Scandal from ABC Thursday line-up. Only not Washington D.C. The kingdom of magic. Kerry Washington would have fainted at the stuff these ladies had to deal with.

If you get the chance read this three in one book. I love reading all straight in a row like that.

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Just another blog. I’m sorry. I have nothing. Again. But here’s the thing. When do you yawn and why? It isn’t always for boredom. I yawn when I get started on yoga. After I’ve done some of the postures and breathing my yawns go away and I feel better.

Then there are nap and bedtimes when the body tells us that it is time to sleep. Yawn after yawn until we hear what our bodies are saying.

Yawning is dangerous for those of us with TMJ. I watch the emergency shows and last week a lady was stuck mid-yawn and couldn’t get her jaws to close again. I knew this was a possibility that is why I often use that closed mouth yawn you use when you are supposed to be paying attention: plays, speeches, someone talking to you, church, reading something boring like this. I even add the hand over the mouth to help keep the mouth closed.

Oh, what joy it would be not to have that fear and to let that yawn take control. But our nearest emergency room is an hour and a half and then there is the waiting in the waiting room. Germs and ugh! So, I’ll stick with the prim and proper yawn and let go in other areas of my life.

*Yawn* is the prompt given to us by our seemingly tireless writer, blogger, and challenger, Linda G. Hill. Thanks, I think. And good night.

Free-form Friday 20190215

While my friends in Carson City and Reno were showing me their sudden snow and near blizzards, I took this out my front window. It was windy but we didn’t get the snow predicted either yesterday (except that sideways bit around midnight) or today. Forecasts yesterday for the 10-day had us under snow except for Sunday and Monday. NOW we have no snow until next Wednesday. Life is looking good!

Meanwhile, still making toys and hats and nearly finished with my brother’s first sock! I know once the weather is warmer I will be out walking. And I think the chair yoga with Adrienne and gentle chair yoga that I do with my husband should have me ready to get out there more. Then knitting will be done less often.

You know, I often get discouraged in that I expected this part of my life to be like the Jetsons. We don’t have folding flying cars. We do have robotic vacuum cleaners and video phoning. I can talk to two friends and at the same time! Even when they aren’t in the same location. I can talk to my adult children on holidays even though the roads make it impossible to visit in person. Today was one of those days when my friends and I chatted for hours.

Our newest idea? To try and communicate to each other in Spanish, even if it is only in written form. One of the friends was in Guatemala for a few years so she is far more advanced but rusty. I have blogged about learning from Duolingo. I’ve dropped all but Spanish and German. At one point I was up to Japanese, French, and High Valarian besides the other two. But I felt I wasn’t doing any of them justice. I can’t give up on either Spanish or German as I have had classes in each. The trouble is I often translate to the wrong one. Die-s and la-s and Der-s and el-s get messed up.

My goal is to keep my mind alive. If I can learn to communicate well with others in these other languages all the better. My biggest dream/nightmare is when my mind goes and I’m trying to communicate with the nursing staff I end up saying something in either or both those languages instead of English. LOL! Okay, maybe not so funny if I really need to say something important like my head hurts or I have a broken leg.

Anyway, I think I need to go to the library and pick up something about letter writing in either language. Any suggestions? Have any of you done the Duolingo or another system of language learning? How’s your weather? Is it Spring yet?

Sideways Snow

20190214_220151Just how strange is it that the snow piles on the side of the rail instead of the top?


Hope you all had a great day, single or coupled, it is not someone else’s job to make you happy. That is your choice and your’s alone. Sure it is nice to get gifts from someone else, it is nice to know someone loves you. But if you think about it, you are loved. If you don’t feel it work on yourself. Buy yourself chocolate write your own love poems. Find what you love about yourself and keep working on that until you know your worth. Find others worth your time and energy. Nothing feels better than helping someone in need.

One of the things I do for me is binging shows while knitting. Some of my latest are:


It has an interesting concept when we put up security gates for our neighborhoods are we keep out the bad guys or are we trapping them inside? I liked it.

Always a Witch

I liked the time travel kind of aspect. I hope it continues. I’d love to see what happened next.


It was a fun little break from more serious shows. I have to admit I cried at the end and not because it was sad. My son came through and laughed at me. Eh, I’m used to it. I’m one of those who cries at Hallmark commercials.

Grace and Frankie

I love this show because it isn’t about 20-40somethings. Older people have lives and adventures and can be funny and worth the trouble.

I know I’ve watched more but can’t remember them or they didn’t do much for me. What are you watching?


One-Liner Wednesday 20190213

Why is there a heart on the hallway floor?

I said that today. Nobody claimed it. On closer examination, it looked like a piece of paper towel that Kali had ripped. That is her hobby, finding paper towels to tear up. Could my dog be leaving me Valentines? Should I tell her she’s a day early? Oh, and just when I thought no one would have picked it up (an illness of all in this house) so as to take a picture, it was gone. It looked just like this:

One-liner Wednesday is another of Linda G. Hill’s challenges for all of us to enjoy.

February 12

Abraham Lincoln
An iconic photograph of a bearded Abraham Lincoln showing his head and shoulders.
16th President of the United States
In office
March 4, 1861 – April 15, 1865
Vice President Hannibal Hamlin
Andrew Johnson
(Mar–Apr. 1865)
Preceded by James Buchanan
Succeeded by Andrew Johnson
Member of the U.S. House of Representatives
from Illinois‘s 7th district
In office
March 4, 1847 – March 3, 1849
Preceded by John Henry
Succeeded by Thomas L. Harris
Member of the
Illinois House of Representatives
from Sangamon County
In office
December 1, 1834 – December 4, 1842
Personal details
Born February 12, 1809
Sinking Spring FarmKentucky, U.S.
Died April 15, 1865 (aged 56)
Washington, D.C., U.S.
Cause of death Assassination
Resting place Lincoln Tomb
Political party Whig (Before 1854)
Republican (1854–1864)
National Union (1864–1865)
Mary Todd (m. 1842)
Children Robert
Relatives Thomas Lincoln (Father)
Nancy Hanks (Mother)
Signature Cursive signature in ink
Military service
Allegiance  United States
•  Illinois
Branch/service Illinois Militia
Years of service 1832
Rank Captain[a]
Battles/wars Black Hawk War

This is from Wikipedia.

Do you remember getting this day off at school or work? Me, too. I hated when they set up “President’s Day”

You want to know who hated it more? My baby brother. He was sort of promised to always get the day off on his birthday, George Washington’s birthday.

It was an inconvenience to employers to have that many days off in the short month of February. People found it unfair not to have a Monday connected to a weekend.

But these two people were very important to our being free Americans.

I had determined to put out my flag today. Until the weather person said that the wind alert was at ‘trashcan goes missing’ not just ‘down the road’. That meant our flag would get ruined in the winds. Not to mention walking on the front porch (which faces north) had solid ice between door and flag holder. So maybe I can double up next week for both P-day and GW-day. Hopefully, this will stand for my honor of a great man.

What do you think of how we celebrate/honor them nowadays?

Make-it Monday 20190211

Since I can’t remember what projects I haven’t shared here I think I’ll show some that are in the making.

What the H#$%^&? Those are two fish and the fins and that gray in the back maybe a fish not stuffed and no eye.

A try on the purple sock loom, just following the directions from the box for the His and Hers Sock Loom.

Three little hats for the comfort dolls. They didn’t work with the doll (wrong size or yarn or color) waiting for dolls that will be compatible. The dolls are a great way to use up yarn scraps. Here’s how I learned to make the dolls and the hats:

Another knitted hat using circular needles. I can’t decide what color I have around here for the crown so I just let it sit until it hits me. A friend gave me the pattern. You can probably find it online somewhere. It is basically Brim K1P1 for about 2 inches. Then just knit until hat measure 6-61/2″ Closing is also somewhere on the nets. The bit of texture is where I did a row using continental rather than the usual right hand knit. It helps my hands to alternate.

My second attempt at the ten-stitch afghan. I use one strip from the Martha Steward loom knit kit (I found mine for $14  but I can’t remember where) that has 12 holes and I only put in 10. Yes, her looms don’t come up to the standards I think she holds. The pegs can fall out so it takes a lot of patience. I’m using GoodKnitKisses method.

By the way that afghan is boring and it may still be frogged and I’ll try not to double the yarn and see if I can make it softer.

Another ombre brown/tan hat on a KB loom. See that Kirkland Animal Crackers container? It was full of this yarn. It makes such soft hats that I’m trying to make a lot of them for the cancer patients. This one is just the knit stitch with the bottom pulled back onto the loom for the brim. It seemed that would make it softer and warmer than other brims.

And last but not least:

The socks I have been trying to make for my brother for over two years. I’m using the metal pegged KB sock loom my friend gave me last year. Finally, it is starting to look like a sock! BUT see that mess of yarn? That is because Rosey keeps finding this kit and bringing it to us as a kitty gift. She can drag half her weight down the hall yelling out how she has a present for us. This time the yarn started to escape. I fixed it after taking the picture. Now I need to find a way to get this done and keep it out of her sight. The instructions for this knitting board is on a DVD that comes with the kit. It’s pretty easy after you get the hang of it. Notice how many little socks I’ve made in learning how.

Which project will get finished first? Or will I find something else I want to try more? Stay tuned. You can ask: ADD much? And you’d be right.


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