Here are a few lines of the 2,281 words I manage today.


“Alone. No one is alone on this planet. Anyone alone is different. We must try to help her.”

The invisible voice changes.

“She doesn’t seem to be looking anywhere. She doesn’t seem to be moving. How can anyone stand that still?”

A woman is standing looking back over a hill, dressed in a long white dress with green trim, a straw hat with a pink ribbon around the brim, dark brown hair pinned up and peaking out under the hat. She stands right arm facing the observers, left arm crooked on the other side.

“What do you think she’s holding in her right arm?”


I did make the commitment to doing 50,000 words this month in CampNaNo. I have to admit that it is going very well. The story is telling itself. The planet Haven is finding hard to be human. A lot of her power is gone. At the same time, she is learning humility. Ever tried to get into a planet’s mind? Not so easy!


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