A-to-Z challenge


Bewildered. That’s how Haven felt. She’d have to believe that it would be easy to be human. Now her tummy was hurting. This must be why the humans needed bathrooms. She could feel that her bowel was protesting. She knew she needed some privacy.

She moved around to see if there was an edge to her dimensional bubble. It wasn’t something she could feel with her hands. So she couldn’t quite tell where her dimension ended and Beth’s began. She turned around and reached down into the bushes and grasses to see if her hand went through them could touch them. Sometimes she didn’t feel the grass. Sometimes she did. They didn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason where one dimension started and the other ended. She was of the belief that there was an edge.

A breeze wafted by her face. She hadn’t noticed any wind before. Maybe this was where she could get out of her dimension and into Beth’s. A beam of light crossed her field of vision. She heard a growl. She recognized that voice. She cleared her thoughts and got very quiet so that she could catch the broadcast of Enelrad’s thoughts.

“We’re trying to bring you to our dimension.” She heard Enelrad say.

“Enelrad. Don’t tell anybody, but this is me, Haven.” She sent a quick thought movie of what she had done and what she had planned. “I hope I can play the human whose name is Ora Ja Ja. Please don’t tell Beth! I want to practice being human. I want to see the situation on Xeno”

“Who is taking care of the planet?”

“No one. I think it can go on for a while without me.”

The dragon sent thoughts of doubt. What if someone needs healing? What if meteorites fall again? What if other beings on the planet start failing in some way? Your closest aid is Beth and she’s here!


The above is the first few paragraphs in today’s writing for my CampNaNo project I’ve titled: Haven in 3D. Here’s my synopsis:

Haven the sentient planet has learned to travel to other worlds, times, and dimensions while maintaining Her own world. What does She look like? What could possibly happen to this unearthly body?

Today was slower than yesterday but I am up to 4,003 of the 50k finish line on April 30th. So far, so good.