“Carefully, Beth cracked open the door checking for children who might be cowering nearby.”


How’s that! Bam! Covered it all! (See what I did there? Leftover B with current C.) The above is the first line I wrote today. One-Liner Wednesday is one of Linda G. Hill’s gems.

A-to-Z April Challenge starts out here. Today’s letter, if you hadn’t guess by now is:

CampNaNo can be found here. I’ve only added 14 words today making my total 4,017. I’m writing a novel called Haven in 3-D. This the cover for now:

It is in my series that starts with Haven my first novel doing NaNoWriMo. I’m mostly using yWriter to get me going. Enough commercials?

How’s your day? I better get busy lots of errands before I can write!