Ora Ja Ja AKA Haven in 3-D


Daniel Christopher AKA Sirhc the dragon

Dragons understand discrimination.” Sirhc as the autistic, toe-head little boy, Daniel Christopher, climbed on a desk in the room with Beth, Haven as Ora, and Enelrad as Susan. Daniel nodded at Enelrad and she nodded back. Things needed to be said. “We learned the hate that humans had against anything different than themselves. We learned to disappear, blend in with our surroundings. A few people discovered dragons after a while. We departed the populated places. We were drawn to the dryer, distant lands people found hard to survive. It was a damn shame as there are a lot of ways dragons could donate to the domain of humans.

“I have been playing this boy for a couple of years now. I started out as a five-year-old. I had studied for this role. I wish I could describe the way humans treated children like me. They would drown newly delivered babies, or in other ways deprive them of life if they were deformed in any way. Later Earthlings found that these developmentally challenged babies were worthy of love. By learning how to love them and adapt with them, they found those like me useful. We were able to contribute to society.

“But let’s think about this in another way. Let’s make the diameter of the circle of acceptance larger, more inclusive. Is a person only worth something if they can earn money? The elderly and the infant should not only be worthy of love just for being themselves but feel worthy within themselves. The disabled aren’t worthless. This has been a part of an old democracy that caused division. I don’t think that was what the Declaration of Independence was all about. It shouldn’t be that those who weren’t dollar makers would be a deficit to the world.

“Humans had set up a dominance that said only the healthy and wealthy were meant to be alive. Such a distortion of how life should be defined. It leads to depression, dispair, death and destruction. Disagreements against these standards were met with disagreement that grew into wars. Those that were different were shamed and defeated. Are only those with the bigger guns the better humans? We dragons could have killed all of you!

“Instead we doubled down. We played the diplomat as we integrated ourselves, as humans into the population at large. We couldn’t delay the distribution of love and acceptance. The drift that divided the haves and have-nots had grown to valleys, not gulleys. Defeat was no option. Was it difficult? Of course! It took more than a decade to repair the destruction caused by the greedy. The daughter of love was lost in the desert of disdain. Death and decay of the human spirit was something we dragons could smell. We needed to draft a new definition of worth for not only humans but all lives.

“Once we got their attention, we had to find a way to decrease the hate. Give a medicine that didn’t lead to death. A dose or two here and there and soon we had folks that would help us repay the debt to society. No more denying life, killing or deporting the living. Yeah, there were times we had to duke it out. But more often than not, we used our words to heal the distance between folks. We taught humans to divorce from fear and hate because of misunderstanding. We dug deep into our souls to reach others. We were in the Earth’s courthouse. Love was the defendant. Now that district of the Universe is healing. Though fear and hatred are dormant, humans are caring for each other. The dressing on the cake was how much they learned from those that used to be considered unworthy.”

Ora (Haven) stood tall, adjusted her dress and started the applause. Daniel handed a disk to Beth as he descended. He smiled as he snorted a small thread of smoke. It was then that he noticed that there were at least twenty people in the room beside Beth, Ora, and Susan. Taking back on his disability, he ran out of the room avoiding eye-contact or touch.

Not everyone was clapping. Some were frowning. Some seemed threatening. Beth grabbed Ora by one hand and Susan grabbed her other. They disappeared so that they, too, could leave the room safely. There was a lot of tension in the room and this was a fight for those who lived on Xeno. Hopefully, they had heard all little Daniel had to say. But just like the dragons, he had offered the water, now these people had to decide to drink.


The above was the first scene I wrote today in Haven in 3D for CampNaNo. My word count is current (1,666 a day) at 6,765 words.  I wrote the above using a word generator for the letter D. I think I had 20 D-words. I think I used most of them.

I realize that only sharing bits and pieces may be confusing. This is the only way I can feel I am doing the A-to-Z challenge and CampNaNo. You don’t need to see the story bit by bit as I write it as if you think the above has errors, realize I am trying to write as fast as the story comes to me. In the long run, a lot will change. Hopefully for the better.

How was your Thursday? Are you doing CampNaNo? How’s it going over there for you?