Wow! Just Wow! I had nearly a thousand words written. E was a difficult prompt. Again I used a random generator and grabbed twenty E-words. When I had a few paragraphs ready to move over here I selected and control V-ed instead of control-C. All gone! I was pretty proud of it. But no one will ever see that version. So again I have over a thousand words, I still need the 600 but thought I’d take a break and post my first half of the scene. Sorry if it is confusing. I’ve been with these planets and characters since 2001. I think they cover about fourteen books. A lot has been reviewed in scenes or paragraphs I’m not sharing here. I am merely sharing the parts that show I am doing the A-to-Z challenge in my own way.

Haven in 3D

Earth heard the dragons and High Council. She knew Haven was In trouble. Way back when Earth was in her emergency, Haven imparted knowledge, wisdom, and abilities that Earth didn’t have or she wasn’t aware of before. At first, when she tried to contact the councils her sound echoed through the cavern. Once the communication was established she was able to impart her willingness to be of aid any way she could. She wasn’t as experienced as Haven, Earth felt like an embryo in comparison, still, she felt that in the end, she could be effective on many levels.

Enelrad endorsed Earth. She’d been a part of the project to save Earth. She had even helped repair damages Earth had sustained. Maybe Earth could be of service to the hatred emboxed, ethically-strained-Xeno. The dragon felt she could ensure that Earth could meet any expectations a planet could need. Still, Enelrad was wondering if she had been in the right to tell anyone, even her mate, Sirhc. She hoped all of this wasn’t in error.
Everyone agreed to lend their help in any way they could. Suddenly someone said, What was that?

They all stood still and the earth beneath them shook as they hear a loud explosion. In one blink the dragons had exited the cave and headed east. They gathered at the elbow in the path that led up the mountain that Beth, Judy, and Anna used to hike. Only it wasn’t there anymore. It was as if the top of the mountain had been sliced off. Instead, ash was spewing. A Volcano! In a few minutes, the dragons and the mountainside were covered in what looked like a winter’s storm’s worth of snow.


I will have company this weekend, my daughter and son!!!! YAY!!! I need to get back to writing and get in as many words as I can before sleep takes me over. See you tomorrow!