Verily I say unto you, I can’t wait to be finished with NaNo! I caught up yesterday and my last wordcount was 40,217. I still need about 1,450 to get in today’s words. Here are the first few paragraphs of the first scene of today. Again, sorry if it doesn’t make sense. I don’t know if it makes sense if I shared the whole thing, ya know—editing needs to happen big time!


“Voicing my opinion is what I do.” Dusty laughed. The vein on her forehead bulging. It always happened when she got tickled.

Maggie laughed. “Your opinion is all that counts in my life.”

“But I still don’t want vegetables. Give them to the vegetarians. Since becoming a dragon, I find I prefer charred venison.” Dusty growled in echo to her tummy. They had entered the valley on the other side of Xeno. The small village tucked into the vegetation, the river running through it all and ending in a veil of white from the waterfalls created the visual Haven had embraced on her own world.


And back to the writing! Hope you all are having a great April. Our temps are now in the 70s in the day and no more dripping faucets overnight. Nearby cities are sometimes in the 80s! I like it right now!!!!! We don’t usually get Fall or Spring in our Outback of Oregon, so if I can I take a long time enjoying outside with Kali and walk around the yard so I can get up to longer walks. Chair Yoga started hurting my tailbone too much so I will need to find some other exercise out in the fresh air (pre-fire season). Look how much I write while trying to avoid the actual writing!