Oddly a prompt has stumped me. I love prompts! They stimulate my imagination! Not this one. I opened this page:

Click to access list_of_adverbs.pdf

It was helpful but overwhelming.

It’s just me, during this fibro-y time of lots of rain and wind. Brain is less than. Body is more than. The triumph of a finished product didn’t carry through. When finished with something I tend to be frenetically looking for the next project to keep me engaged,

Starting a project isn’t easy. There is counting, mathing and then carefully casting on and making the first few rows that need constant attention. Even so, I’ve started a new baby hat and an adult sock. Yeah, I think I’m addicted to this sock thing.

Oh, I nearly forgot! I finally got to play with a Christmas Present from a friend. It looks like this:

I used it with my ball maker:

Between these two tools, you can change a yank:

That seemingly has no beginning or end and can cause more trouble than it’s worth if a person doesn’t know about how to make it useable. One way is to pull it open into a circle and place it over one’s knees and find the beginning knot and hand roll this strand into a ball. But with the ball maker above, one can make a ball with a beginning strand and ending strand, making it possible to work from both ends. This ball looks like this:


So that took up most of my day. I used some of the less wanted hanks that were donated and made nice useable balls. One yank was useless yarn. Sadly it kept breaking and I had to throw it away. But most of it was nice, soft yarn I couldn’t wait to try out.

Well, here it is nearly midnight. I finally got the blog written. Whew! How was your Saturday? Were there enough adverbs for ya?

Thank you, Linda G. Hill, for the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt of adverb that used my last brain cell! LOL!