This post reminded me of a few days ago when I was packing. I love Sadje’s blogs! I still haven’t done the laundry.

Keep it alive

What is your least favorite part of vacations? For me it’s the packing. The unreasonable fear of leaving behind something necessary always haunts me. I usually pack too much of everything, thinking of all ” eventualities ” and end up lugging way too much luggage whenever I am traveling. I know that scramblingmy insides, by this stress of packing when going on vacation, is not only unreasonable but also avoidable the trick is obviously multifarious planning.

So keeping in light my previous experiences, and mistakes I have come up with a list!

Though I am the sort of person who often forgets the list altogether, I do try to keep myself focused and follow my packing list.

The most important thing to carry, I think for people of my age are the meds. One cannot just buy them anywhere with ease if you forget them at home. So…

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