Per Linda G. Hill:  Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “nuts.” Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!


Nuts! I still haven’t reached my writing goal for today. I’m only at 2,345. That’s nuts, the total I mean. What are the odds that a person would have that total? But that is what yWriter is telling me.

I don’t know why I do NaNo every year. That is nuts! I know. But it is my favorite thing to do. Even though I still haven’t one book of the series ready for publication. I like the writing part. I like the story the muses tell me. It is a far better entertainment for my mind than any others out there. Most stories I can predict what is happening, or there is too much angst or romantic silliness, or murder. Most stories center around young people or males who get all the adventures. My stories have more old or diverse characters. They aren’t beautiful people or even skinny minnies. They are just people. Many aren’t even human. And there are the occasional dragons or cats called Hombres that walk upright and can talk, well, they are not really cats, are they?

Many of my stories start with a game of finding random names and characteristics. Then maybe a random word or phrase and off I go. This year started a couple months ago when the word of the day per was Balter. A writer friend noticed it and said it would be a great NaNo story. I agreed, thinking she wanted to write it. But she backed out. No, I didn’t point a gun to her head! But once I read the definition, to dance or tread clumsily, the name Walter Balter’s Dance Studio came into my mind. Yep, that’s the name of my story!

After a time I got bored with the word and title. I don’t like to write about males. I’m not one and I don’t understand them as well as I feel I might know the female character. And it didn’t sound like it had enough to it to make 50K words. But suddenly the planet Crim came to mind, where Dusty has the Love Lair, a beauty salon/saloon. I think that was the third book I wrote, around 2003 (?). Then the Balter story grew in my mind and even a small outline emerged. I’m not sticking to it but it is there in case I get lost in all the Imagineering.

Okay, putting off the real writing doesn’t make writing happen even if I am over here playing, nor does the story proceed while playing on FaceBook or playing that new wooden puzzle game that is like Tetris but not as stressful. So I must bid you all a good Saturday. Now I will be me again, NUTS!