Happy Groundhogs Day!

I can’t believe we are already at this silly, fun holiday. I try to enjoy it every year. No, I don’t believe in the prediction of a fat little rodent. But even science can’t get right with all their dopplers and storm wranglers. That they say the furry beast didn’t see his shadow and that it means an early spring, doesn’t surprise me. And yet how they came to that conclusion does.

First of all, it seems to me that if the sun is shining then there can be a shadow. I think that should mean early spring rather than the other way around. But what do I know? They rarely ask for my predictions! Just for the record, I do believe it will be an early spring. Winter has just not pulled it’s weight this year. It has been cold and there has been snow–like today. But it melts and gets warm too soon. I just hope that it doesn’t mean a bad, smoky summer. Some say a mild winter brings a mild summer. I hope they are right.

Mostly I hope that I can get to the beach and get to swim somehow this year.

Speaking of swimming, yesterday’s streaming entertainment seemed to be dedicated to mermaids. We needed some very lightweight shows. It started with Scales the movies. It was very lightweight but fun.

Then most of the day we let Disjointed make the background noise. It’s pure silliness. By the way, I do take the CBD tincture for pain relief and sleep. With all the bad news about vaping, I’m glad I never got into smoking weed. I don’t think my lungs could handle it. I hope the law, insurance, medical teams don’t ruin this medicine and make it cost far more. Anyway, if you need the laugh:

We were able to watch start to finish in one day. To tell you the truth I was ready for it to end by the end of the second season. But I liked how they wrapped it all up at the end of season three.

We had a bit more time before we would be ready for bed so we went back into the water with H2O Just Add Water. We only watched a bit before the drowsy started so we’ll probably finish it tomorrow.

I like the concept that these girls each get their own abilities. I can’t wait to see where this show goes.

How was your day