There are good things happening due to the forced isolation. My friends and I love Yesterday I learned that the church I occasionally attended back in my past residence was using Zoom to join the flock. Since there is no church like this here in this small town, it was great to join in. It was fun to hear the story of how a string connects us all. That was the object lesson. Everyone was to bring a string to the service. One of the leaders read a book to everyone. It was a child’s illustrated book. My string, of course, was very near. My daughter’s Boyfriend Sock was there right next to me. So it represented the link to my friends and family in the town that the service was from and personally to my daughter. The service centered on the connectedness of us all while in isolation. It was comforting and inspirational.

As a person with social anxiety boarding on agoraphobia, this situation is natural. Add to that my coccyx/hip pain in sitting in most chairs and church is out. I must admit I am not one to endure a long-winded preacher. For me, it is all about the singing. Today’s service didn’t have the audience singing, but a couple of beautiful voices did sing. After a listen or two I was singing with them here. The pastor’s message was short and sweet. She blessed the virtual strings represented. I hope I can join again next week. In comfy clothes, in comfy chair with the camera on or off. Since Hubby joined me the camera was useless as it seemed to point to the wall between us, so I turned it off. There were over a hundred people present yet I felt zero discomforts.

On another note. This darn weather has been so bad for a walker like me. And tomorrow there may be lightning storms. I don’t walk in those, either. Maybe I will pull out one of the new yoga YouTubes and see if it will work better than the chair yoga which made my coccyx/hips hurt worse when I got into it before.

March is nearly over. It came in like a lion that just sat down and decided to stay. Grrr! Well, I guess I will use my time catching up on my coloring!

Thank you, Linda G. Hill for the prompt to keep us connected during this pandemic. #WDIIA