A to Z Challenge


Let’s see, what day is it, anyway? Last night we had coyotes in our yard. Scary, yes. scared them so Kali could do her thing. But that doesn’t help know the day. Before that, I laughed with, I think, nine lovely lady writers. From my home, I went to a writers group. Oh, how I miss meeting with other writers. Especially in real life. But this will do. So Easy Writers meet on Monday. That makes today, Tuesday.

Listening to other writers meet the prompt of the day. Same prompt everyone got but a different take with each personality. I think that is so cool! As I sat trying to meet the challenge, I think, oh, my stuff will be boring, or I bet I say the same thing as everyone else. Yet, when I read my bit to them, I felt it okay. Maybe it was even funny as they laughed. I don’t think they were laughing at me.

Another way I can tell the day is math. I do the math every day to see how many words I need in my CampNaNo.Β  The equation works like this: date times 1,667 equals how many words I should have by the end of that day. Guess what was the answer for today. 23,338. I got 23,454. I am finally ahead by a tiny little bit! That means I’m

I watched a bunch of Prompt NaNo YouTubers and it got me the storyline that helped me get caught up. The story has been kind of boring, I had even spent a day talking about my grandparents. But that didn’t help my characters or the story. Suddenly my character becomes a panda and sits and talks with the pandas. Remember the title of the book is Pandamapocalypes. Okay, so I changed it once again. But it is about the sentient virus, in a world directed by a sentient planet. So Pandas from China are important to the story. Here is my character sitting with her new friend. I’ll probably use this picture in a couple days when P is the letter of the day.

Did you know that pandas know how to change faces? When they get emotional they frown and they call that changing face. And when they laugh it sounds like an earthquake growl. April loved laughing like a panda. They are my favorite beings in the Havenverse. And they know things about the virus. The story moves forward.