I am so excited! Some of the things I ordered from a small business came today!

That huge X? I can make four socks and a hat at the same time on the same loom! There are two hooks, both are great! The little loom attached to the yellow yarn cause I couldn’t resist working with a loom key chain has twelve pegs. I think I’m making a yellow snake. The one attached to the red yarn? I couldn’t resist a tiny sock (24 pegs). I nearly forgot to blog or do my Duolingo I was having so much fun! I can’t wait to get started on my X-Wing. No, not the official name. CinDWood actually calls it the X-loom. 3/8 XL Scarlett Royal has a lot of YouTubes for all three of these looms. Here’s just one:



That is a smaller X loom. I can’t wait to start playing.

Oh, and I got this from Ebay:

It seemed bigger on the site. But I think I can make it work.

Okay, time to go play! Oh, and the trash is out so I know it is Thursday and will be Friday in an hour!