I feel loved. Pizza and phone calls from my adultrins. I love my offspring. Smart fun people that surprise me with their ideas of life and love. Mother’s Day is often with all of us in different parts of the world or country but I am so happy about the phone calls. With all that is going on now, this year was even more special. It is so sad that folks can’t get together, but I’m glad we can still hear the voices of the loved ones and see their faces. We’re planning a Zoom birthday party at the end of the month. Covid or not, we are not close enough to see each other, especially with jobs and other responsibilities, so it’s only a little different. We are all thankful that we are all healthy and can be together in any fashion.

I hope your day was good. I know Mother’s Day means we are missing some people. Like my own mother or my aunts or my cousins or my grandmothers, many gone before us, and many scattered all over. Mother’s Day is about fem history. And regardless of the relationship with them, we have all had mothers. Nobody got here without one. That I know of. Maybe the test tube has made some, but I’m not sure it happens. So it is a day to contemplate the kind of mother you had, the kind you become, and the results of being one. So regardless of the birth experience,