While knitting up a storm or three, I’ve been bingeing a bunch of things. I had that floundering feeling after Grey’s Anatomy and This Is Us ended. So I have been more or less sampling. And in no particular order, because I didn’t write it down, duh!

Okay. Not my kind of show. I don’t like a lot of shooting and car chases, not to mention a perfectly good Alfa Romeo ruined. But I know tons of you will love this. Maybe when anxiousness isn’t the go-to emotion this would be fun for me. Oh, and Bechdel has got to frown at this one.

But then again though equality stands the tests how can I like stuff like:

Hey, they got some things right in Carriers and if you can watch shows about pandemics this is okay;

To lighten things up I took all the choices on Kimmy!

That one was hard to knit to as I had to keep dropping the loom for the remote to make the right or left or middle choice accordingly. It did make me laugh a few times.

I finished Dead to Me. I did have to go back and rewatch the first season. But it was fun and kept my mind busy while knitting.

Today I finished Doctor Foster


I dunno. Too much angst and not using enough logic as I would hope from a doctor. But again, great for knitting!

Right now I am watching our recorded from Christmas Time, Frozen. It is cute enough that I might have to buy it.


If it wasn’t for commercials in this recording I wouldn’t get this blog done!