So. Remember when I shared the clippers I got so I could cut my hair? Yeah. I didn’t do it. I didn’t even open it. It was more of a beard clipper. And since it was near my husband’s birthday, I gave it to him. He keeps his hair long but he likes to keep his beard looking nice. He was excited about the shaver.

I was missing my FlowBee but the company is being good and staying quarantined. So I looked around and found this:

New Remington HKVAC2000A

I love that it has a little vacuum. It is like a small dustbuster but lightweight and easy to use. Because it hurts my arms, hands, neck, and back to do a whole haircut at a time I don’t think I will ever be finished. But I am following this basic pattern to cut my own hair. I think this shaver does a great job!

I’ll share more when I am more finished with the actual thing. The most important thing to remember is it is just hair and it grows back. Way too quickly! That is why I am saying it is unfinished. I will be doing a bit at a time over the next few days.

Oh, and though for the lower have of the hair the vacuum takes care of the mess, When I start working on the top It is shears and comb. There is a cool cape for that:

Haircut cape

Now it is time to go to bed. It is almost Saturday!


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