I have been looking for a loom knitting pattern for a yarn mask. I know it isn’t PPE. It is something that I can wear with kleenex, paper towels, or coffee filters to catch my own airborne germs. So I followed Cassie’s Fun Creations on YouTube.


This was my first and then my hands made two more after. Each time I learned a little more.

I had so many things I was going to do today. But darn that yarn and the loom ganged up on me!

Looking at the picture, I am missing my reddish blondish hair. I may have to order a box of I bet I could mix just half and have enough for this short hair. I’m only trying to fool my eyes into thinking I have more energy than the natural mousey gray.

For the record, and not to complain, my son was icky yesterday, hubby today and now my tummy is not happy. We haven’t eaten the same things so I’m thinking an intestinal flu? I took Pepto and it helped a little. I know it isn’t a symptom of the COVID19. Besides I still have no fever. I did take a long nap. I feel I could sleep more. The guys didn’t feel the need to have a bucket nearby. All of our allergies are going absolutely crazy. I think the wind from last week stirred a lot of dust and pollen up. All the more reason for my masks with filters.

Okay, that’s all I have the energy for, Carry on.