-Tion is pronounced ‘shun’. It does not rhyme with LION.

It’s just more added to life’s mysteries, don’t you think?

Beyond the above, I haven’t a notion what I am going to write. I am feeling so tired today. Exhaustion. My brain is going through a lot of worries and thoughts. Agitation. My computer is still broken so I have to borrow my husband’s or use my Fire or tablet. Complications of computerization. Though the sky was clear with clouds today, there wasn’t a lot of smoke, but still, I am feeling congestion. It could be just autumn chilling the air or pollination.

Galaxycon.com is having online conventions. My friends and I are attending where we can. This morning I got to watch an interview with Number One and Q of Next Generation.

LoomaHat.com held a chat later on. Loomafication?


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