Stream of Consciousness Saturday

This has been a crazy day. I got so frustrated several times that I shouted. It seemed I was caught in a fighting ring of madness. It was so cold in the living room that I moved some of my stuff to the bedroom. I have downloaded yWriter7 onto my Fire, and so I could continue writing on my project there.

I couldn’t get my Bluetooth keyboard to work. The mouse worked, but I needed to type faster than the Fire’s built-in keyboard, even with all the word suggestions, could let me. I tried to go into Word because I knew that I could use the microphone and dictate my story. That worked for a paragraph or two. It misunderstood half of the words. So I copied and pasted what I did get done into the scene open on yWriter. Then I noticed that there was a mic on that keyboard, too.

The problem was that as I added more to the scene if I needed to edit something, the new edits didn’t show up where they were supposed to. Ring around the frustrated rosy! So I saved and went and got my laptop from the living room to start again.

Dropbox did save it properly. I was pretty happy with that. But then I started writing and had a great five minutes of the story growing. The battery had died and the laptop shut down. Nope, that last part didn’t get saved. And the bits I tried to make up were not at all the same.  URGH!

As I had moved my laptop into the bedroom, I accidentally dropped the mouse. Now when I had a picture I wanted to include for the story, I couldn’t right-click. I yelled, swear words. I’m sorry if you heard them.

I tried to get the Bluetooth mouse to work with the computer, nope. More yelling.

My husband is a saint. I swear! He came in and asked what was wrong. He helped me by getting the mouse fixed and getting the story back where it needed to save parts. By the time he was done, I was back to being the me I know and love. So that ring of patience from him started a new feeling for me.

Here’s the word count: 25,826. How about that more than halfway there! And a day early!

I developed that mother of one of my main characters, Liz’s mom. AZZ is her nickname. She has been told she is a goddess. She looks like this:

Learn more about her here

2019-2020 SoCS Badge by Shelley!

Per Linda G. Hill: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “ring.” Use it as a noun, a verb, an adverb, or an adjective…use it any way you’d like. Have fun!

I hope I got it! Posted this before midnight but had to edit after. SMH Hope you had a better Saturday than I did.


keyboard smash