I know I have reached about 1500 words, but I can’t give you the full word count as I don’t have the time for the math. I will get to 1667 before I go to bed, but I wanted to blog to don’t lose a day and have to start over (daily blogging).

Edit: I did manage to get to 36,844. The goal was to get to 36,674. So once again, I am just a little ahead. Hopefully, I will get more tomorrow.

What does it mean when a certain date happens and nowhere did anyone mention that today was, well, actually yesterday, technically, was November 22? I remember when Jerry Lowenstein walked into government class in eighth grade and said that President Kennedy had just been killed.


Still a sad day and sadder that 2020 had too much going on to acknowledge the beginning of the end of innocence—the first of the crisis levels the government can reach. My parent (protestant) thought that a month of mourning was too much. Good thing they didn’t have to suffer 2020!