Yesterday I was so tired I barely knitted. Sure, I’m not the battery rabbit, but my hands and brain usually won’t stop.

Today was better, but it still feels blah and force to get anything done.

So I am using why? Is it the diet?

Hey, Keto friends, did you go through times of tiredness? How about times of oily face and hair? Why are my limbs still dry and flaky?

Sure, it could be the times I get up with the dog all night. The lack of continuous sleep?

I realize I am still learning how to make the Keto with mostly vegetarian going on is hard to do. But I do enjoy the salmon and spinach salad with cheese. I am increasing salads and olive oil, and salmon. I’m decreasing, well, eliminated bread but decreasing other carbs. I’m trying not to be too strict and just trying to make it healthier and healthier. I am still doing the 16/8 fast/eat. That part is quite easy. I keep trying to force the fast time longer just to see how long I can go without getting jittery, which so far I do just fine that way.


Why is my brain mushy? Yet, I must say on the days when I have salmon, it seems better–or am I just fooling myself?


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