Editing is not my favorite part of writing. But I am learning it is like doing dishes. Not my favorite part of eating a meal, ya know? So one way to look at that instead of an awful chore, it is the result of actually having something to eat. That is worthy of gratitude, you know? Editing means a whole lot of story came out and was a lot of fun watching the show in my head. The muse can’t help it if I can’t type it right the first time. That said my CampNaNo editing number is now 11,323. Enough of that. Pandamapocalypse is exciting for me. My chosen cover page below.

Energy was not my best friend today. I had another doctor’s appointment. That was fun. It’s sad when fun is going to the doctor. Everything was fine, just getting the yearly check-up tests done. My walk was a little later but that was extra difficult. It felt like I was pushing EVERY step of the way. Made a little over a mile. So another excellent ‘atta girl’ to me from me!

I’m so tired right now I can’t think of another E-word to save myself or even an elephant so I best go. I’m rewarding myself with a game of Return to Ravenhearst. I already found all the eyeballs, isn’t that gory? Not as awful as the spider that comes out of the doll’s ear. Take that! Two more e-words. I know another: Exhausted!