Too dingy [dinghy] to deal!

I was talking to a friend and found my thoughts going dull. Not a good night’s sleep is the excuse I’ll claim.

X is really the hardest letter to come up with anything. Especially the starts of words. Isn’t that obnoxious? Sex. Nah, that ends with x not beginning like Xylophone. Wish I had one to play on. The pianist in me loves making music like the drummers!

The name of one of the planets in my Havenverse is Xeno. You can guess the kinds of people that live there. Sex is one of the things they don’t believe in. They also hate anyone or anything different than themselves. I don’t like visiting that planet in my writing. But I did have fun with some spies that landed there.

X marks the spot. I never see it on the land, only on maps. How do we really know we’re there? 

Nowadays when we take surveys, we put check marks ☑ on the agreed-upon answer. And on the wrong answer, we put an X. Either symbol feels like I got something wrong as I have had teachers that used both to point out the mistakes.

‘My ex‘ is something that is entirely a misnomer isn’t it?

I’m thinking of a medicine with an owl, Xylitol? I don’t even know what it is for.

Well, I guess the head is still dingy so I will exit.

tic tac toe