Though I am still tired from my drive to Bend Friday, I still feel excited at driving on a road trip at any time.  From the time I got my license I became the family driver. My mother hated driving so anything that needed a driver, I was elected. Yay! Dad was a night worker/day sleeper so it was up to me. Not once did I grouse at the thought of running an errand. Mom even got me a job to drive a family to church on Sundays and so I got to keep that family’s car with privileges to light fun driving on Saturdays.

From age 16 on, I got to do a majority of the vacation driving. I remember very early one morning driving between Arizona and New Mexico. The sky was fantastic. There were lone clouds that were raining surrounded by blue skies. All the reds oranges and tans of the geology mixed with the gorgeous sunrise. Everyone in the car was asleep. I felt like I had just gone to Heaven it was so beautiful that this teen cried at the sight.

I remember driving in Oregon the first time and seeing the red ground. It was like crossing the border between California and Oregon separates the types of dirt. I was fascinated. It was only since living here in Oregon as an adult that I understand that feature. Oregon uses lava rock to keep the roads from icing over. It is far better a solution than using salt that deteriorates the roads and vehicles.

Another fun thing to learn as a teen was driving in Oregon, especially Portland, and Washington was scary. I was from Southern California, near Los Angeles. But these more northern cities had the worst drivers I had ever seen in my short life. By the way, I have driven in Portland as an adult and I haven’t changed my mind. Especially raining seasons. Goodness. Wet roads are dangerous, slow down! And this comes from someone my ex used to call Mario Andretti so this isn’t coming from a slow old lady! I do try to obey the laws but I do love a freeway that allows 75 MPH. I would love to drive an autobahn someday!

Now that I am healthier I would love more opportunities to drive. I am driven to travel!

Per Linda G. Hill:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “drive.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!