So, as promised, a near 100 degree day with high humidity. So another day of games. What else can I do? Oh, and we found the reason, or so we think, for the crazy internet reception. Most anything that relies on the net had the annoying circle spinning rather than something fun to watch. So real TV played with all the stupid commercials in the background. We watched several versions of local news which gave us the bad extra news of lightning storms on top of draught and heat. The occasional rain is welcome and smells so wonderful.

So what did I play? Unfinished Tales: Illicit Love. The games yesterday were funnish. This game, has its moments but if you need help the “Hints” were unhelpful for where you were. In fact, Argelfumph: The Nancy Drew Dude, said exactly that on his walkthrough.

I walked with him for a while and suddenly I found myself in different areas of the game than his video. I got as far as his second part when I finally gave up and just relied on the strategy guide and map and occasional “hint” lady. I suppose this is a good game for if you are entirely bored. Oh, yeah, that’s where I was! Boreland!

When I finished that one I ate my OMAD (One Meal a Day) and moved on to the next of the games on my purchase list from six year ago and more. Thank goodness Big Fish keeps a list and once you have purchased you can download as often as you need.

So the one I am working on is Timeless The Forgotten Town. I couldn’t find a YouTube but would prefer to have a Walkthrough that wasn’t YouTube so I went with the one on Big Fish.

The walkthrough is pretty good. But every time I try to leave the game to look at the walkthrough the game gets wonky and I have to close down and start the game again. Luckily, I don’t lose my progress. I have played most of my games before. Most of them have been so long ago that they seem new. This one I sort of remember. Outside of the wonkiness of my computer or the game itself, I think this one is fun.

So, I think I’ll get back to it. Tomorrow is supposed to be much cooler so the guys and I plan a very busy working day. We have company coming, and that is a good reason to get on top of this mess! I can’t wait to move the piano and set up a bit of a studio for music and then another for the vlog or whatever that turns out to be. I am excited to get started on all of it!

I hope you all had a great Solstice! Looking at the countrywide forecast for the day didn’t look that great and in comparison our weather was mild. Please be safe out there.

Sorry that the Bitmoji seems to have a broken arm. They didn’t have a Solstice on and this was all I could create that looked somewhat happy.