In spite of threatening fires and a bit of sadness about my daughter and her SO moving to Wisconsin, there has been fun.

First, I realize that offspring need their wings. And as far apart as we live right now, we don’t see each other more than a couple of times a year. Meanwhile, we chat on the phone, IM, or Zoom a couple times a month.

So this visit has been a bit strange. She works from home during the day. The couple have been packing to the point of being close to the actual move. That means I’m at loose ends during the day. My other guys here in town are also working so day visits are out with them, too.

Luckily I have a couple retired friends here to keep the fun moving. Unfortunately, one caught a cold just before I came so we’ve only got to talk on IMs. I hope she’ll be well enough before I have to go home.

My other friend who drove up to see me is the one who drove me down here. She’s been carting me around during the day as we look for inexpensive pastimes. We met at a BookCrossing group that also was a board game group. And we were a part of a writing group. So you can see we have a lot in common. She even loom knits!

Anyway, seems I’m taking the long way around to tell you, these hot days kept us inside to stay cool. One day she brought out her Blockbuster Video game. You know how excited I was to see it!

This game should be played with three to six players. There are several ways to play it. With only two of us we had to be creative. We played it similarly to Apples to Apples. In case you’ve never played that I’ll go grab a YouTube of that at the bottom. We didn’t know half the movies presented so we got creative. It was fun. I can see it would be more fun with more people. By the way, ours was the smaller set so it didn’t have a buzzer.

Another day my friend brought out Primordial Soup game. She and I had played it a couple of years ago together. As like then, it is a game for more than two that we got creative and made it work for us. I wish I could play this one more often. I think the more you play the more strategy you can employ. It is a lot of fun. Imagine these two old ladies sitting taylor style on the floor like a couple of kids!

Here’s the Apples to Apples game. Though the game is fun, I think this host needs to take a chill pill. Calm down!

Board games aren’t for everyone. Only my daughter and I like them in my family. The males don’t like them at all. But with daughter so busy we didn’t get to pull out a game.

Instead, we pulled out Disney plus and watched Little Mermaid. It was a favorite of hers growing up.

Then I shared with her Mickey Mouse Club.

Then her boyfriend and she settled on Loki. I didn’t think I would like it. But I do!

Do you have board games you like? What is a memory movie that brings you home?