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Tuesday’s Tickle

You are right if you have guessed that I had nothing for today.

Share Your World August 30, 2021


(Going DEEP on these today)

Are human beings required to better themselves, and will doing that make them happier?

Who would require this? So no. I don’t think humans are required to better themselves. Nor can I say that those who strive to better themselves are happier in the process, or even with the final result of said bettering. I would love to say that some chose not to work on themselves at all. But maybe that is judgemental of me to look at them from the outside. Maybe they are doing the best they can at where they are in their path of living. I try to not judge myself either and just do my best to do what feels like the right thing to do.

Is it easier to love or to be loved?

Being loved is out of our hands. And though it may seem a nice thing, it can be torturous if you can’t return in kind for whatever reason. But truly loving a person holds deep responsibilities. So though the emotion can be easy, the follow-through can be painful. So I didn’t answer with a definitive. I guess loving is easier if it is your constant choice in how you live your life. Having loving habits makes that follow-through more automatic.

Outside traumatic brain injury, can memories be completely erased?

I don’t think so. They readjust as they are reflected against current moods and life. Bad memories can be less emotionally charged when leveled with knowing other information unavailable when the memory happened. Good memories can come from looking a the mundane with loving understanding. In this case, seeing your mother’s grocery list in her handwriting after she passed. I still get a tear in my eye when I remember picking up that boring bit of scrap paper.

Is there such a thing as a good death?

No. I guess I am bad about endings. I’m bad about people who leave me, or I have to leave. Even when I know, we will see each other again. Lots of tears. The sadness of the loss. But I wouldn’t want a person to live in debilitating pain. That would hurt worse.

and one ‘silly’ one because the former questions were fairly serious:   What do you imagine is inside a baseball?    

I imagine a rock in the hardball and a baby chick in the softball. I have seen the inside of a golf ball, my favorite jacks ball; it looked like a bunch of rubber bands. And I suppose if I got curious, I could go Google it. Not that curious. Sorry. Throw me the baby chick, please.


Feel free to share something uplifting this week!  

I am grateful that the hot summer seems to be ebbing. We have to drip our water tonight as the temp is predicted to be 32. I am grateful the flies are on their last days!

Thank you, MELANIE B CEE, for Share Your World questions to pursue!

Girl Love Happens: Season ThreeGirl Love Happens: Season Three by T.B. Markinson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was my favorite of the series so far. The main character is coming into her own emotionally and using wisdom and care with others as she goes through the problems presented in her life. Tegan is far from a perfect person, but her growth is so fun to read about.

I love how T.B. Markinson writes. Her characters, even the secondary ones, all feel real. The situations feel plausible, and she brings wisdom to the story.

I like that we are getting to go through the college scene while Tegan learns about her sexuality. And as she learns how to help her mother adjust to Tegan’s self-discovery.

Though this book didn’t leave me on a cliff-hanger, it indicated that it would continue. I can’t wait to see how Tegan grows.

By the way, the book is free with Kindle Unlimited.

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My life has been hectic. Doing what? It’s a mystery. Maybe a list of accomplishments isn’t available, but I see a fun task finished every now and then, and it isn’t a myth. Look at this loomy hat fresh off the loom today.

Sorry for the gloomy pictures. That is a salmon color. Somehow the cellphone didn’t capture it properly. I knitted it on the Flexee loom. 80 pegs, so it should fit an adult. It was with mohair from the charity so it will go to the charity. The brim was a fold back on itself, then I did a couple rows of cable stitches. The rest just flat knit. I did this decrease method.

The difference is that after finishing the first batch of decreases, I move all the loops to remove the links of every other stitch so that in the end, I will have 40 pegs, and I do this whole decrease again. It is fun to do this decrease on the flexees.

Oh, another done thing without crossing off a list, I actually wrote more on my story. I haven’t done much writing in the last two CampNaNos. I sort of forgot to write and edit. I think I have been avoiding it because seeing the computer screen is difficult. Myopia with cataracts makes the reading of any kind painful. When I have to try too hard, I get gloomy, But, Yay! Today I wrote, and now I want to know what happens to my lost characters. I’m hoping they will become chummy with wild horses to pull their truck like a covered wagon. Covered will be necessary as it may soon get stormy.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “my.” Start your post with the word “My.” Bonus points if you end your post with “yours.” Enjoy!

Product Review

I don’t usually review products here. Books, yes. But not purchases. But these are attached to my new lifestyle. With all the smoke and/or heat of this summer the walking/running regiment had to be curtailed as something not healthy. So I thought about how to strengthen my body without getting winded and bringing more smoke into my lungs. Granted our area hasn’t been as affected as other areas my friends and family live in. Still, I needed something to help feel like I am growing a better body. So here are a couple new toys that are not too expensive.

This box was fun. It was in German and English. Yay!

You can see by the pictures what was in it. This box is about two hands long (a little over an octave–it’s already gone out to the trash) and one hand wide. Hard to believe the box held a Hula Hoop. But it was broken down into small arced links. These links interlock. They are metal covered with a soft plastic. The links can be filled with rice or ball bearings to weight the hoop. I am no where near that level. It was a lot of work putting the hoop together and at first I couldn’t even get a whole twirl around. I am up to ten twirls before it drops and I start over. I work with it until I feel the huffing and puffing happen and I know with the air quality I need to stop.

Here Hula is taking a break from this constant trying and falling. A way to show the size all together and to see how cushy the hoop is.

As a person with ADD and terminal wiggle-worminess who finds sitting still a problem. A person whose bottom can’t handle more than a couple minutes of a piano bench I needed something to help with my new position in my music room. And this new toy is supposed to help with my core.

I haven’t used the wobble cushion for stepping on but I could eventually. Right now it lengthens my time on the piano bench. It feels good to sit on sometimes the bumpy side feels better, sometimes the smooth side works better. Sometimes I put a cloth seat cushion on top so the blue cushion isn’t cold against me. It still has the wobbly fun to keep me moving while sitting still in front of the piano, music stand, or computer. It makes my back feel good as I mush around. It works like the balance ball does. It doesn’t cramp my tailbone. I keep it put up in a basket when I’m not using it so that the cats won’t pop it like they did the balls.

For a size comparison. Kali wanted to model with it.

The cushion came with a pump. It is awkward putting in the needle and not poking the underside of the cushion as you puff the cushion up. And you have to be careful not to pump it too full. The more the wobble the better for the bottom that sits on it.

I haven’t used the stretching bands I pick up yet. But this is a gradual set of changes I am working on. I’ll let you know as I learn how to use my time with the new fun toys.

Girl Love Happens - G&T Lesbian Romance Season TwoGirl Love Happens – G&T Lesbian Romance Season Two by T.B. Markinson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’m not too fond of angsty romance, regardless of gender. But most romances are with young people who have little experience or self-esteem to bring to the table. Somehow most of us grow up going through it. It wasn’t fun then, and it is sometimes excruciating to read about. I think I am alone in this thought pattern as romances of all kinds seem to flourish in books and movies. It is just the mechanism of two people learning to live with each other. That part I find interesting. Not the does she, does he love me. But how can I make their life better?

Add in new friends and their traumas or dramas, and the angst grows exponentially. And in this book, two lots of problems start growing. Luckily, I have grown to love the characters and watching their growth. I love hearing the thoughts of what I can do to help them through this from multiple levels.

This was the hardest book of the series for me. But this middle book can’t be skimmed through. In book three, the characters need to learn their lessons and move on to a more adult way of life. Yes, I am already halfway through that book. I am proud that they struggled and matured in book two to set up an even better next book.

I love best how the secondary character calms and reasons with our main character and was a voice of reason for what readers may be going through themselves. She gives such excellent advice and yet helps the love stay in front of all the relationships a person deals with, parents, grandparents, family friends, etc. This book points out how no one is an island. You have to include who raised you and who you’ve become and portray that to others. I don’t know many books that include that kind of wisdom.

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What is boredom?

One-liner Wednesday is a Linda G. Hill prompt.

For future reference post cataract surgery…


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Let’s start with the caveats

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Share Your World

MELANIE B CEE’s questions for today are fun and interesting as usual.

QUESTIONS      (a random bag today)  

Can you parallel park (if you drive)?   If you don’t drive, can you still skip?

Parallel parking. Ugh! Yes. I can do it if I have to. And maybe because of poor depth perception it is very hard for me. I will drive around the block to find easier parking and walk as far as I needed to to avoid parallel parking. I feel almost as adamant about left turns that don’t have lights to help out. I’ll make five right turns to get where I need to go rather than risk a fast left.

I think I can skip. I can walk and sort of run if I need to. I may have to come back to this question later.

Photo by Lina Kivaka on

Do you prefer early morning or late evening?  Or something in between?

I am a night person who has had to live in the world that praises the early birds. What’s so good about worms? It is so quiet after midnight. My best ideas flow during that time. But the dog or earlier in my life kids or jobs have to wake me early and so after midnight the only thing that gets done is reading. Not enough energy or vision to write. Barely enough energy to follow a story. And because my circadian cycle wants me up at night and not waking every few hours to take the dog out, let’s talk positively about naps. I love naps. My best sleep happens during naps.

Do you like avocados?

I love avocados. I just wish ours from the little stores here weren’t small rocks that rot the next day.

Is mind or matter more real?

Glass half empty or full is still a glass but we make it better or worse with our minds.

and a bonus ‘deep’ question just because

Are people in this current generation less or more sensitive than people from past generations?

Let’s stop being judgmental about folks that aren’t us. A little walking in others shoes might be needed here. Who do we go to to fix our computers? Or Phones? They know things and react in different ways than we do because their paths and life experiences are different to ours. We have a few things to teach but we can learn from them, too.

Sock Sunday

Wahoo! Finished these today.

CinDWood Sock Looms 56 peg, 1/4 ” fine-gauge

Kitchener cast-on, former yarn for toes and heels, using German short rows. 4×4 ribbing on cuffs.

These are so comfortable!


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