I was going to write a Haiku or Tanka or use other prompts I found on the blogs, but it was too hot to move to the laptop. So I sat in my recliner with the fan and worked on more scrappy socks while watching the end of season 10 of the Walking Dead. I made myself feel better knowing it had to be worse for those actors in Georgia.

It is supposed to reach 99 on Thursday. Just like the difference between 33 and 32 can break pipes, the difference between 94 today and 99 means more siestas and iced green tea popsicles.

The scrappy socks are toed and heeled with leftovers from the last pair I made. I’m loving the rainbow look it makes. You can see the toe on the right that I just finished. The sock on the left need ankle and cuff, then done. The looms are CinDWood 56 pegs, fine gauge of 1/4 inch.

These are the two yarns. Mani-Pedi is the non-toe or heel parts.

The socks are Kitchener cast-on and the toe/heel is German short rows.

Now back to chillin’