Share Your World is Melanie’s Prompt

  When you just need to forget the world for a few hours, what helps you get away from it all? 

This is hard for me to understand. I’m a part of this world. All the news and confusion of the political and weather and disease is still there. But reading, writing, creating in any way keeps me going and not drowning in the muck. Knitting, recorder, piano, singing, drawing. So much keeps me busy that I don’t notice a lot of the crazy, or it doesn’t get inside any more.

If you woke up tomorrow with a unicorn horn extending from the top of your head, what would be the biggest advantage and disadvantage of your new appendage?

I would hope that it is a magical unicorn horn with healing abilities and will shoot out rainbows if needed.

What is the creepiest thing you’ve ever seen someone do, that you’d be willing to talk about, of course? 

People do some bizarre things all the time. Halloween? Christmas madness comes close. I have never been able to go to haunted houses due to the fear that the crazies aren’t just dressed up in weird costumes, but those weapons may be for real. People spending every dime on gifts and decorations makes no sense. Maybe because I have never had excess money.

What’s the silliest or pettiest thing that tends to really upset you?

High heel shoes, uncomfortable clothing, too much make-up. I don’t understand why people can’t handle just being themselves.


How comfortable are you with meeting others who are very different from yourself? (no judgment implied.  Different in any way you’d like to think about – different cultures, different races, different mind set (opinions)? 

I used to like meeting lots of different kinds of people. Developing social anxiety meant that most of the time if it isn’t people I already know, I’m afraid. Once I get to know a person, I feel they are friends. I have friends that are other political points of view, religions, colors. Maybe our new world makes getting out there meeting others clashes with my inner mental wimp. I want to get to know people here on the blogosphere. The thing is, I can usually find something we have in common. That no matter what kind of person they have, things I can learn, and I have things they can learn from me. And love can lead the way over my fear.