For future reference post cataract surgery…


Ready for a surprise?

The title of this post contains two links. The link on the first part of the text is to the post itself; this is quite normal. However, there’s a second link at the end, on the bracketed text, that should take you to the ‘caveats’ section below. (I’m assuming that you’re reading this in a standard web browser, not in the WordPress Reader.)

Let’s start with the caveats

  • Things change. This works today; it may not work tomorrow.
  • I’m referring here to posts/ pages created in the ‘block editor’.
  • Some of this is theme-dependent; I’ve tested on Twenty Ten, Reddle & Colinear.
  • How the link is rendered will be device/ browser/ theme dependent.
  • I’ve not found a way to reliably highlight such links: they may be mystery links.
  • If the default link on a title is to the post itself, overriding that may cause…

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