I don’t usually review products here. Books, yes. But not purchases. But these are attached to my new lifestyle. With all the smoke and/or heat of this summer the walking/running regiment had to be curtailed as something not healthy. So I thought about how to strengthen my body without getting winded and bringing more smoke into my lungs. Granted our area hasn’t been as affected as other areas my friends and family live in. Still, I needed something to help feel like I am growing a better body. So here are a couple new toys that are not too expensive.

This box was fun. It was in German and English. Yay!

You can see by the pictures what was in it. This box is about two hands long (a little over an octave–it’s already gone out to the trash) and one hand wide. Hard to believe the box held a Hula Hoop. But it was broken down into small arced links. These links interlock. They are metal covered with a soft plastic. The links can be filled with rice or ball bearings to weight the hoop. I am no where near that level. It was a lot of work putting the hoop together and at first I couldn’t even get a whole twirl around. I am up to ten twirls before it drops and I start over. I work with it until I feel the huffing and puffing happen and I know with the air quality I need to stop.

Here Hula is taking a break from this constant trying and falling. A way to show the size all together and to see how cushy the hoop is.

As a person with ADD and terminal wiggle-worminess who finds sitting still a problem. A person whose bottom can’t handle more than a couple minutes of a piano bench I needed something to help with my new position in my music room. And this new toy is supposed to help with my core.

I haven’t used the wobble cushion for stepping on but I could eventually. Right now it lengthens my time on the piano bench. It feels good to sit on sometimes the bumpy side feels better, sometimes the smooth side works better. Sometimes I put a cloth seat cushion on top so the blue cushion isn’t cold against me. It still has the wobbly fun to keep me moving while sitting still in front of the piano, music stand, or computer. It makes my back feel good as I mush around. It works like the balance ball does. It doesn’t cramp my tailbone. I keep it put up in a basket when I’m not using it so that the cats won’t pop it like they did the balls.

For a size comparison. Kali wanted to model with it.

The cushion came with a pump. It is awkward putting in the needle and not poking the underside of the cushion as you puff the cushion up. And you have to be careful not to pump it too full. The more the wobble the better for the bottom that sits on it.

I haven’t used the stretching bands I pick up yet. But this is a gradual set of changes I am working on. I’ll let you know as I learn how to use my time with the new fun toys.