It has been a crazy week for my family. Last Friday (I think) my son’s significant other notified me that she and her family, and my son had been exposed to COVID. It turns out she tested positive and then became very ill. But even though it was scary, I think her health has kept her less sick than she could have been. Even so she and I have spent a lot of time on messenger chatting. Me trying to keep her a bit distracted from how scared she was, and she trying to help me not be so scared for her and my son. I think that is why I have been less able to blog, or think of anything but this situation.

By the way, my son tested negative, yet he is coughing as of today. Again, he’s pretty healthy so I’m not very worried. My third son had it quite a while ago and is out having fun now. He and his crew got their shots so they can play at the beach with masks on.

I’m saying all this just to point out that the numbers we see on the news we need to multiply all family and friend lists to get to the why the angst of this last couple years has climbed to an all time high. The silver lining is all of us getting to know each other better. And for me it has pushed me to get healthier so I can withstand it all.

I have no doubt that many who will read this have their own stories to tell about how this pandemic is touching them personally. Let me quickly send out a hug to all of you and wish you the solidarity of love and health to get through it all.

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