Just a couple pictures or more if they show up well. I’m writing this on Monday and there is going to be rain by this afternoon, so the wind is blowing like crazy. I love it. The smoke level is low and hopefully the fires will die down a bit with the rain. One can only hope. I feel so badly for the people who are much more impacted by these fires that we are.

Okay, let me share these Fall pics.

This was a couple of days ago. A few yellow leaves on the tree and mesquite bush, a stray leaf on the ground here and there.

Now from Monday before the rain, which at this point I am still hoping for.

This morning as I was taking the picture the wind blew so hard a couple boxes left their area near the trash and landed in the driveway. Kali had to investigate this new part of the driveway. A lot more leaves on the ground now. But there are still green leaves here and there.

Happy Autumn, everyone!