Have you ever had the kind of day where one thing that needs to get done takes over your whole day as you try to resolve the first issue? Yeah, that is the kind of day I had. I couldn’t even get to my Zoom writers meeting because a medical team called (yes, they were there way after hours to accomplish all they need to do, so it must be universal). I thought I was done but then a dozen of other problems showed up like why wasn’t my cell working the autopayment should have gone through. Oops, yet new bank. Ugh! And in the past I could handle things like this, but having cataracts makes everything hard. Working on the computer is worst as no glasses seem to help. And certain things can’t be done on the phone, especially when I have huge fingers that never hit the right things. No, they aren’t huge. It just seems like it. And I’ve decided that that is the issue with not getting my inking or story done. To see what I am doing the light has to be just right, the glasses and closeness of the drawing paper have to be just right. Cursive writing falls into the same issue. So I have done a lot of stress-knitting to help. And my husband just served me chamomile tea. Yeah, he’s sweet, but that was in self-defense, I think. So to cut this short I will share the YouTube of the tutorial to cut hair to chin-length bob that I followed. I’m very happy with the results. My husband loves it. He even went to the back and took care of strays.

I wish I could take a picture of the hair without all the wrinkles and saggy neck from losing weight. But just take a look at the hair on the Bitmoji. Or Laureen’s (above) end results to get the idea.