I can accept the issues I have with weird eyes. But it makes me sad when someone has to clean up after me.

No, I don’t mean housework. I mean, well, let me tell you what happened.

Last night I was trying to update my NaNoWriMo word count. Earlier, I had reported 2,613 here and at the NaNo site. But before I went to bed, I had achieved 3,505 words. I put that in. But when I looked at the top of the bar I thought it had remained the same. I saw 2k something. I thought the internet, my computer, or something on the site itself was messed up. I refreshed the site and reentered the 3505. Nope, nothing changed. Oh, look, there’s another place to put the numbers in below the bar. So I did. I tried and refreshed multiple times.

Then I wrote to the Help Center about the issue. Then I went back to the page. I scrolled around. I think that fixed my eyes somewhat. I looked at the fraction on the bottom of the bar. It said 16k/50k I had award notices all lined up. OMG! It was working! Now, how do I fix my problem?

I went back and apologized profusely and told them that the 2k number I had misread was actually 2021. Duh! So embarrassing!

So if they can’t get around to or can’t fix my mistake, I will have to keep track here and on paper until middle of the month when I catch up with the number.

Right now, with a couple hours left to write, I have 4380. I just didn’t want to wait to blog.