So I finally caught up with the Wholloween Doctor Who marathon. We recorded it so I could watch it when I could. Does anyone still slip up and say taped? Yeah, I almost said that. I prefer watching recorded things in my own time and without commercials. Say, but this Flux first of this season, that scene that looked like witches on brooms was fun. I can’t wait to see more of this season! I was upset with the Marathon as they skipped around, Totally missed showing my favorite one, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship. I love Doctor Who. They don’t take themselves too seriously while still having some sciency sci-fi on occasion rather than just silly stories. And the action and music kept me writing with something to look at to rest my eyes afar for a moment. That is something that music, like radio, CDs, or Pandora, doesn’t have. I need that visual thing going on.

I am having fun and am caught up with La Brea. Between Jodie Whittaker and Zyra Gorecki, I think my hair is destined to that shorter bob. I really like their hair. And hey, congratulations, Hollywood, for hiring representation of amputees. I had to look that up. Anyway, I love the creativity of this show. I wish I could watch it more than one or two at a time. And since these are new to me, I get sidetracked from writing when getting engaged in a story.

Speaking of writing, I feel Crystal, my #Inktober/NaNoWriMo crossover, is growing nicely. As of this moment, I have 11,049 words in my story, and I can’t wait to get back to it and see what happens. Crystal’s eye-crystals have her causing hallucinations; she found that her aunts and grandmother have the same things in their eyes but different abilities, some a bit of a curse, like Crystal’s. I thought maybe I heard Haven calling. But she hasn’t put her two cents in, so maybe Crystal and her family can get the whole story done on their own.

Speaking of NaNo, I found this YoutTube that might help newbies:

If you are looking for inspiration or just getting started, click here.