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Finished Friday

Oh, and Freezing Friday. Here’s our porch light as proof. It’s creepier at night but too cold and icy to step out to take a picture.

These finished and the next already started.

Kitchener cast-on, white toes cinnamon foot, white heel and cuff.

A very satisfying finish was the series Lost in Space.

Now back to Season 13 of Doctor Who.

Oh and here’s to the finish of this horrid year

See you next year!

I am so addicted to Diamond Painting. I can only handle a bit, maybe a hour but it is so meditative. Let me see if I can show you my progress so far.

The TARDIS in the middle has the shadow on the right side.

It is slow so I’m teaching myself the multi-drillers. Here’s one of the tutorials.

I’ll let you know if it works.


One-Liner Wednesday

Found on Facebook:

One-Liner Wednesday prompt by Linda G. Hill.

Ta-Da Tuesday

Wow! It’s already a Tuesday! This week has been BUSY!

A pair getting ready for their heels.

More Diamond Painting happened. I’m so happy my friends got me into it.

Haircutting is calling. This bob is getting to me. Maybe another pixie?

26 degrees and snow tonight. Tomorrow night single digits. Glad our bedrooms are warm!

Making Monday

And other tidbits

These are turning out fun.

Watching Dash and Lily. So cute.

A Boy Called Christmas grabbed me with the cute boy and talking mouse.

Started watching Tick, Tick, Boom. I’ll try to watch tomorrow.

It has been so cold (high of 22) that we spent most of the day in the bedroom. I did manage about an hour out in the living room. And another hour on Diamond Painting. Oh, my living room time was watching Lost in Space. DP time listening to Les Miserables. 75% finished. It’s long even on Audible.

Back to Dash/Lily and knitting.

Sunday Slipper Socks

I think these will be cozy on somebody’s toes.

Kitchener cast-on done on the left, nearly done on the right. Black yarn nearly gone. Another pair of scrappy slippers in progress.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “yum.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!

Today was a beautiful Christmas day. I got to use my new Instapot Air Fryer. My husband bought a bag of my yellow potatoes and cut them up according to directions. After spa treatments for 20-40 minutes I layered in two servings into the pot. After twenty minutes my husband and brother had their fries. Then the second round went through for my son and I. Yes, they were yummy but this wasn’t enough, even though everyone had two helpings.

Part two of the meal was far harder than I expected. Four leg quarters, frozen. Sounded easy enough. After all I managed a whole turkey, albeit small for Thanksgiving.

But the quarters were frozen solid in a way that wouldn’t fit the pot. So microwave defrost for more than a half hour. Finally, my husband and I chopped them apart. Once again, I divided the eating teams. Instapotted two while I pulled out my pressure cooker to cook the other two. Instapot was 21 minutes. Pressure cooker only 8. Which should have the insta? Both got the air fry treatment. Both tasted yum! But that dinner left a lot to be desired while using far more kitchen and strength than it should. We will have to rethink how to best use Instapot and air fryer. Mostly I eat salmon and salad or spinach or spring mix. In fact, I haven’t eaten chicken for 40 years. I’m glad we didn’t have company. So, it was a perfect Christmas?

No, really, it was a Wonderful Christmas. I hope yours was, too.

Merry Christmas!

I hope all my friends and family have health, and love for this Christmas.

Meanwhile, we have no internet, or data, or cell. At least we’re warm. They say the internet will be back up by midnight. This storm is causing it’s trouble. Still

Have a beautiful Christmas!

Happy Christmas Eve, Eve. Be glad for indoor plumbing.

See those footprints? Yeah. Kali wishes she wasn’t the only one who uses outside.

But she uses Dad’s chair more than Dad! Much contemplating on coming back as a cat or human.
From my dog and house to yours with love!

One-Liner Wednesday

Badge by Laura @

“Sometimes our deepest hate is for the things we cannot change about ourselves.” Said by the oldest Witcher, Vesemir.

I’m really enjoying The Witcher. The other quote I almost chose as the One-Liner was, “Never look a giftwhore in the mouth.” But it seems a bit too far. By the way, that one was stated by the prostitute supposing to help Yennifer.

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