Yeah. I finished m wordage for NaNoWriMo. To get through the writing, I either listened to Pandora Classical Study Channel,

Dawson’s Creek,

or the Misfits.

I know. Quite the variety. My story is about people who are learning about new abilities. Hence the Misfits. There is a lot of family drama. Therefore Dawson’s Creek (And I love meandering down memory lane when my daughter and I used to watch it regularly, think, Y2K!) Other times I needed to just have something in the background. The music did the trick, usually. That is when it didn’t make me pull out the recorders or run to the piano to play Moonlight Sonata or Sarabande.

I wish I had pictures of something that is finished. But socks and hats took second place to writing. Oh, heck. This pair is close enough, just needing the cuffs. So Bam!

What are you watching, working on? By the way, Diamond Painting will be my next thing. I’m gathering bits to help with the new hobby.

Happy Friday and Happy December!