Journaling has always been hit and miss for me. I was most successful last year. In January at the beginning of the pandemic I heard someone say the more people who wrote about our world and related it personally, the better for the archeologists who find said diaries.

I was extremely consistent and as accurate as I could be and let my worst fears, angers, and imaginations go wild. I managed longer than any other attempt at writing a journal. I think I wrote daily at least until June. Then the journal informed my Camp NaNo project Pandamapocalypse.

By September, I had fallen into my old habits. At first, I missed a day here or there. Before I knew it months had gone by with no entries.😪

At least here at the blog and Duolingo, I’ve been consistent for quite a while, a couple of years, actually. So, not a journal per se. But an entry a day. Yay!

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