I knew I’d finish the slipper socks today. Yay! I am happy they are slightly too small. I love how soft they are. I’d be tempted to write them off for me. 😏

I can’t remember what this yarn is called. It’s great for baby things, especially blankets.

I used a KB Flexee Fine-gauge loom divided into 2 40 peg looms. Though I used a Kitchener cast-on, I wouldn’t do that again. This yarn breaks too easily to do the pulling needed to make the toe. I think for slippers I would use a drawstring cast-on. You don’t have to pull so hard to form a toe.

A Flat-knit stitch was used for most of the sock. German short-rows formed the heels. Then I continued the flat-knit stitch for another six inches.

I chose not to do a two-by-two ribbed cuff because this yarn doesn’t work well with fancy. And I was so distracted I couldn’t keep track even though the loom was marked for it. I think the roll down ankle cuff will be nice for someone.

I’ve grown to love the crochet cast-off though it can be hard to lift the loop off the peg with the loom-knitting tool to catch onto the crochet hook. One distraction and I could lose the stitch or break yarn or lose track of where I left off. Especially with this yarn.

There was enough yarn to at least start the brim of a hat. The two 40 peg looms together make a large 80 peg loom for an adult hat. As I said, this yarn doesn’t rib well so I’m hoping to do a fold up brim. I don’t know if I have enough of this for a full hat. But if not I’m sure there’s something in the charity yarn I can finish with.

Always a bit of an adventure in the world of yarn!