Sunset on a beach is more done than not. These are square drills. Drills are the tiny plastic diamonds that create the mosaic effect. For my eyes, it is harder to get the squares lined up than the tiny round disc drills. Still, I am hooked and love my Diamond Painting time.
Another hat more done than not. That white yarn is chenille. Not the same as the last hat. This was thicker and harder to work. Still, if you’ve ever had a chenille robe, you know it is soft and warm. I still have more of the mohair. Thought I’d change it up so this hat won’t be a candy corn.

On the editing front I’m making headway. Haven Above and Beyond (I think I’ll be changing the title) is more fun than I remember writing 20 years ago. Since this was my second novel I can see my writing has improved, yet I make many similar errors still. Anyway, the words corrected and moved into yWriter7 as of last night 14,365. I made my goal for this month 25K. But there are 56,916 in the project to weed through.

Outside of whoopie, what are you making this Monday?