So I finally am finished aligning the drills. I must complain about the glue not holding properly in some places while not allowing an alignment shift in others. So I took a pic prior to doing a layer of Mod Podge.

I will put another layer of Mod Podge tomorrow then paint a frame on Wednesday. Thursday it will find a place on my wall. Yay!

Today I started the new fun Diamond Painting. I received this new project of four pieces. Four dragons!

I pulled out one and chose to work on it without peeking.

Right away I’m impressed with the key and symbols. Just alphanumeric. And clear. So much easier on my eyes. And the sample picture makes me excited. It is bigger than either of my last two DP projects.

I like that the company seeks to provide the best–the paragraph on top.
Here’s what came rolled up in the picture. The package of diamonds, the pen, the green sorting bin with pink wax, and little resealable bags. I won’t use them until I’m finished with the project.

Here is how the packages of0 diamonds, drills, came. Way better than my previous works.

Look at this easy-to-see and understand symbol key.

And now I am kitted up.

Tomorrow I’ll tape the edges. Then I’ll roll up the bottom, section off the top with release paper. And start dotting on the upper right working left then down. It keeps my hands off the sticky bits that way.

Here is the kit if you are interested.