Another layer of Mod Podge. Tomorrow I’ll paint a frame. I had a moment of panic when the cardboard I had for drying the project fell on the floor, the painting wet. I was sure it landed wet side down. Whew! Not the case!

I was so excited to get started I forgot to take a pic of the beginning dot. I learned from YouTube tutorials and Facebook groups that when you have a large area of one color, you should checkerboard the dots. I began doing that. I found it fun and lined up the drills better than popping them in a straight line. And even more addictive. I almost got up to go work on editing. But found myself adding more and more, even when my back growled. I got up and stretched and bent then sat back down and did more dotting.

Look at that top right corner. Ha! Lots of fun!
So I got some fun little helpers today from Amazon. That pink thing with black brushes is a little vacuum cleaner to pick up the drills that stray or fall. It came with a collapsing funnel to move the drills from tray to containers. Those fancy metal things? Rulers to help place drills on the picture. They came with two straighter tools I’ll be sending to friends. I’ll let you know how well these work Thursday.

Now I need to write/rewrite/edit.