A little snow yesterday. -1 last night. We still had snowy patches today. Too cold. Tomorrow windy. And too cold. If you’re not going to be a pretty winter let’s get on with spring! I’m tired of being cold.

Meanwhile, I stay occupied.

This was where I was on Wednesday.

I decided to try the ruler.

Game changer! The symbols are easier to see and drills go on straight. It is fun as you hear a little click as the drill clears the ruler and sticks to the canvas. You can see the difference. The top of the picture I did freehand. The bottom, I used the ruler.

Because I don’t have to strain my eyes or back using the ruler, I got a lot more done.

I’m so jazzed I can’t wait to Diamond Paint tomorrow!

Just a word about the sunset beach. My brother helped me learn a way to mix colors to get the perfect frame. Problem was I ran out of the mix. The second try just didn’t match. I was told to add water and it got runny. So I let it dry. I’ll attack tomorrow. Finished Friday will have at least one item!