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Happy Halloween/NaNo Eve!

Not much time. I still am developing characters and world building. The family Pensées is nearly made. Popeye (papa), Paris (mama), Olive, Poppy, and now working on her twin, Pepper, the three offspring. Then I need a frienemy like Brutus.

I think they are currently on a spaceship but I’ll need a world. Lots to do before midnight!


To everyone else:

The Fifth Season (The Broken Earth, #1)The Fifth Season by N.K. Jemisin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Maybe not my favorite book. Yet there are bits I think will come back to me in memory. Though I am not sure I will look for the next series book.

The characters and plot are a little different than most dystopias. The talents of some of the people are interesting. But let me say, Audio readers need to let us know when we are in a new chapter. I had a hard time figuring out who the point of view was most of the time.

Something I don’t often see in sci-fi/fantasy, but this seems a good genre for it, polyamory. No judgment, just a few people who love each other.

If you want something a little different, this is it. Try it. You might love it.

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Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “element.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!

Thanks, Linda!

The elemental chart brings me to yawns. As crazy as I always was about science, chemistry class about did me in. Never a morning person, chemistry was first period. My teacher was a monotoned speaker. I did still come around for labs. I had a geek for a lab partner. She was fun and taught me well. I think it was due to her that I made a solid C+.

I always thought I could have done so much better if the class was later. If the teacher more excited about the subject matter. And if I could have approached the lessons with more creativity.

Drawing and coloring maps made the geography real. Singing the elements would have helped as little ditties always helped me remember. Games could have solidified information. I wish I was my own teacher!

Oh, nevermind. We all know my element. Creativity. Throw in some yarn and I’m in my element.

Who needs a chart?

Finishing Friday

Making progress. It sure needs straightening.
Received the book inspiring my NaNoWriMo for this year. Lots to do before Halloween midnight!
Kali sleeps while I display the DPN socks. Next I learn to finish the heel. That lesson is on Tuesday. I can’t wait!

Meanwhile, I think I have enough yarn to make one more hat for charity.

No picture of plumbing issues. I don’t want to see it. But my shower is weeks from being done. The floor is finally dry. Now to get rid of the mold that has formed in the wall for years, maybe decades. The plumbing is put together. Once mold free the walls go back up. Meanwhile, I’m sorting

Yes, still letting ‘sleeping dog’ lie. The sock on the left had to be frogged and started over. It seems like no progress but that sock is now past where it was when I had to reknit.
I’ll probably get more done on these this weekend.

Mostly my aim is to have enough characters and a bit of plot on some kinda world. Three days!!!!! Yikes!!!!

What are you working on?

I just love Cee’s photos. Especially this one of the beach.

One-Liner Wednesday

Why do we have to create a mess to clean a mess? (Related to plumbing crises)


Found on Facebook:

When Women Were DragonsWhen Women Were Dragons by Kelly Barnhill
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved this book! Kimberly Farr, and Mark Bramhall (Narrators), made this story come to life. I must warn you that when you hear Mark’s voice for most of the book, it is so boring and may even tempt you to quit the book, but stay with it. There is a reason for the way he comes across as a newscaster.

I think I am going to read this again soon, as I miss the main character so much. I miss the dragons!

This book brought in societal issues from WWWII but changes history by inserting dragons as women left the workplace when the soldier came home.

By the way, there is a point in the story where I needed Kleenex. Just saying.

This book plays ‘what if’ very well. The author wrote characters of depth. The plot keeps the reader guessing and wondering. And wishing. When do I get to dragon?

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Thankfully, Chris came out okay. The doctor said it was an anomaly and said just watch him and take it easy for a couple days. She asked if there was anything else we needed. I was feeling silly and gasped for coffee. This sweet doctor went to the doctor’s lounge and picked up two cups for us. She knew leaving for Christmas Valley at 1:00 would put sleepy people out driving at a dangerous time on scary roads. I could’ve kissed her! It was strong and hot!! It was so cold outside. It even snowed on the way home. It didn’t stick but I was excited. Don’t you love watching snow aiming for the windshield in the dark? It’s amazing! Like a spaceship in warp drive.

I’m grateful my husband is fine. That we got home safely. And I’m grateful for a day to sleep in and off.

I’m grateful that my brother and husband can fix the shower.

Meanwhile, it is getting cold at night. We have a 15 degree night coming up this week. Ugh! Give me snow!!!

I’m grateful for friends and family and the love shown to us for Chris’s sake.

Feel the love!

Stream of Consciousness Saturday, Bowl

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “bowl.” Use it as a noun or a verb—use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!

They say life is a bowl of cherries.

Not today.

I woke in the middle of the night for a potty break. As I opened the door, I stepped in a puddle. Ugh!

We are religious about dripping faucets when temps are predicted for below 40, so this was a surprise. Nothing is so yucky as schlepping through a soggy floor. Then the wet pants leg when pulling up pj pant. Yech!

Now 8 couldn’t sleep. Dry clothes change, then a brain that wouldn’t stop catastrophizing.

So I got up and read in the living room. The sock I was working on needed a full frogging.

Five hours later my brother got busy removing shower walls and assessing the problem.

I got busy bringing all the things I could to the living room to get it out of the restroom off the wet floor. And a chance to clean and organize.

My brother and husband went to our few stores to find the parts they needed.

Around 7pm I was eating a bowl of popcorn to help me warm up. My husband complained of chest pains. The VA told him to go to the ER. 150 miles from home. We are here now.

So far all seems okay. All his numbers are good. I’m thinking coffee. It’s 10:30. Even if we left now we wouldn’t get home til midnight. Oh the joy of living in the country.

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