Thankfully, Chris came out okay. The doctor said it was an anomaly and said just watch him and take it easy for a couple days. She asked if there was anything else we needed. I was feeling silly and gasped for coffee. This sweet doctor went to the doctor’s lounge and picked up two cups for us. She knew leaving for Christmas Valley at 1:00 would put sleepy people out driving at a dangerous time on scary roads. I could’ve kissed her! It was strong and hot!! It was so cold outside. It even snowed on the way home. It didn’t stick but I was excited. Don’t you love watching snow aiming for the windshield in the dark? It’s amazing! Like a spaceship in warp drive.

I’m grateful my husband is fine. That we got home safely. And I’m grateful for a day to sleep in and off.

I’m grateful that my brother and husband can fix the shower.

Meanwhile, it is getting cold at night. We have a 15 degree night coming up this week. Ugh! Give me snow!!!

I’m grateful for friends and family and the love shown to us for Chris’s sake.

Feel the love!