Per Linda:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “your favorite word.” Decide on your favorite word and use it in your post any way you’d like. Enjoy!

I have three favorite words. Without going into why, my first choice is pusillanimous. It means, to me, small minded. I think I fell in love with this one over 30 years ago. Other definitions include timid, lack of courage or confidence. With social anxiety getting worse I’m claiming the second definition. Small minded, though, I am not. When the world presents you with no safe haven showing courage seems wrong. One needs to grow their mind and embrace what you can learn through love. I’m working on it.

Do you remember vocabulary days from grade school? I can’t remember why I went to the kitchen, but I remember when I learned Abhor and Aloof. I’m guessing it was “A” day. It does seem these words combined could result in pusillanimity. Severe hatred combined with standoffishness.

My next favorite word is onomatopoeia. Isn’t it marvelous? A word that means words for sounds. And isn’t it fun to see other languages define cockadoodledoo or belch?