“Reversal” is our prompt word of the day today. Thank you to Sadje for this


Reversals are hard on mature minds.

Growing up spankings were the way to discipline children. I didn’t feel right when I tried. It left me angry and the kids frustrated. And nobody learned anything but how to bully. I learned new methods that worked without shame or pain. I maybe wasn’t the best mom but I tried to be thoughtful and teach love and respect a new way.

Growing up we were taught to clean our plates. Sure our parents grew up in the depression. Wasting food was a crime in their eyes. Overweight as an adult I’ve fought to reverse that concept. I’m doing better but still learning.

My generation was taught that many forms of exercise was silly. Riding your bike to school was for losers. Running, also uncool.

I don’t think peer pressure would have talked me out of swimming. And I remember feeling so free biking to school. Running wasn’t something my body could do.

Now there is no pool. These rocky dirt roads might not be safe for bikes. But I’m reversing my thoughts on running.

Example: my treadmill has different settings. I’m not sure of the meanings. But I’ve invented ways to relate. “1” is following the slow people in the mall. “2” is crowded but getting there. “3” feels perfect. The errands will get done. “4” is late for the bus but not letting the cool kids see me running. Today I hit “5”. I’m late for the bus but not quite a run. Guess what? I think quick spurts of running are in my future. Cool kids be damned!😂

Oh, and we were never to trust anyone over 30. Reversed that one by 43 years!!!