My friend suggested Tirade Thursday, but it isn’t as alliterate as I would choose. And we didn’t spend the day complaining, just a bit of it! Her with too much snow, me with not enough. Both with too much wind to enjoy being outside on walks. For some reason, it is always too cold and windy here. The snow clouds surround our area but just spit in passing. We are still fighting the drought conditions. And complaining takes a lot of energy!

Oh, I still don’t have a working treadmill. The company has been notified. I miss it. I never got the runner/walker high, but I had developed a bit of a habit, and now I find that half hour a waste.

At least today, I got something done. My husband sat in his recliner writing. Okay, okay! So I pulled out my memoir and started the editing process. So, my cousins who have been waiting for this for over a year, there is a bit of a promise here. And as I edit, more story comes to mind that I forgot in the first writing. I added 123 words. That brings the total to 65,870. I’m so happy to be married to a writer!

I have finally caught up on The Walking Dead franchise: TWD, Fear of the Walking Dead, and TWD Beyond. Finished. Now I’m ready for the next shows to drop. I loved seeing how they intertwined in the end.

Does anyone else take the list of recorded shows as seriously as any other task list? I do. What I watch are stories written by others, with music I want to hear, with actors and directors doing their best to portray what the writer tried to convey. I like all those aspects. I actively watch or listen while knitting, drawing, writing, or reading. But because of the way I watch, I must often watch something many times to catch all the nuances. Yes, actively means I’m active doing stuff while watching.

We finished watching Eureka on Freevee.

It was as fun as the first time we watched it. FreeVee, I think, is where we watched it.

We also watched Warehouse 13

Another we loved revisiting on FreeVee

And we just finished Scorpion

All three above were for my husband and me to binge on date weekends. ❤

What have you been watching?